​Step 2: Choose your Kokeshi


  • $89 Customised Set (Picture 1-5)

Let us know the characters you want your kokeshi to be in or simply email us your photo for customisation!


E.g. Guy: Harrypotter
         Girl: Princess Jasmine


  • $58 Classic Wedding Set (Picture 6-8)

Do copy and paste the following in your order form for Classic Wedding Set only :) 

Groom: Navy/ Black/ Grey* suit

Accessories: Tie/ Bow tie* (Pls indicate colour) 

Bride: White bustier gown (Simple designs like straps/sleeves can be added foc, do note down!)

*pls delete accordingly


  • $68 Customised Wedding Set ( Picture 9-13)

Drop us an email with a picture of your gown/suit to thestickercafesg@gmail.com for customisation! 


STEP 2: Kokeshi